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    . #thebrownbrothers

  • Seek-you-shall-find.-@corsaireaviation-thebrownbrothers

    Seek & you shall find. @corsaireaviation #thebrownbrothers

  • Phoenix-made-me-a-zombie-book-at-school-he-knows-me-too-well-phoenixaxel

    Phoenix made me a zombie book at school, he knows me too well #phoenixaxel

  • These-days-I-try-to-be-prepared-as-possible-when-surfing-waves-of-consequence-Running-an-impact-vest

    These days I try to be prepared as possible when surfing waves of consequence// Running an impact vest under my Inflatable suit yesterday which I pulled and still got held under for 2 waves. Usual story when you get pushed super deep really fast…head in a vice, squealing ears and a blood nose… It’s always a great feeling to get to the surface. Ears still ringing but hopefully no damage. Im sure everyone will be scoring off this swell as it moves east. Be safe! #southdeathclamp #thebrownbrothers

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  • Moods-of-the-ocean...-@canonaustralia-@aquatech_imagingsolutions-thebrownbrothers

    Moods of the ocean… @canonaustralia @aquatech_imagingsolutions #thebrownbrothers

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